Taverna Nights

An evening of mid-century inspired music and entertainment.

The Dancers

April 19th Guests:

(Guest Dancer)
Amina is a tribal fusion dancer who first began belly dancing in 2004. She has since delved into other forms of dance such as ballet, contemporary and modern, but ultimately loves fusing whatever she learns with belly dance.She can be found soloing around the Bay Area, doing duets with her and Laura Elisabeth’s project Little Beasties, or throwing it down with her dance troupes Forlasi and Deshret (both of which are directed by Ariellah).

Alodiah Lunar
(Guest Dancer)

Alodiah Lunar started belly dancing in 2006 under the training of Jill Parker, eventually dancing in Miel, a sister dance company to the Foxglove Sweethearts.  Partnering with fellow dancer and friend Jasmine Cabanaw (Avaishya), the duet project, Carousel Bellydance was born.  Alongside Jasmine and Kimberly Mackoy, Alodiah currently helps co-produce the quarterly jazz-and-blues bellydance revue, Blue Note Rendezvous.

(Guest Dancer)
Kamille dances with one goal in mind- unabashed fulfillment. Passion and an unexpected sense of humor drive her performances. She uses music of all types to tap in to the audience’s own memories to stir their hearts, and adds to it a deep knowledge of history and ethnic movement to excite their minds. This has lead her to become the fearless leader of RockaBelly, a San Francisco Bay Area rock fusion belly dance company she started in 2004. Before that Kamille received a BFA in fashion design from Parsons
School of Design. To decompress from fashion school she studied Middle Eastern dance with Anahid Sofian, and danced in the Anahid Sofian Dance Company from 1995- 2002 before moving west to San Francisco. Influential teachers include Anahid Sofian, Elena Lentini, Eva Cernik, Suhaila Salimpour, Alitha, Jill Parker, and fire performance with Riz. Most recently Kamille has been working on RockaBelly’s very own improvisational dance style and exploring with her 8 year old son Jackson. She is happy to be here, and happy to have conquered breast cancer.
JeanetteJeanette Walton
(Guest Dancer)In 2007, Jeanette decided to try dance as a way to stay active while transitioning into life with a 9-5 job.  She dropped into Jill Parker’s belly dance class at ODC and immediately fell in love with the sensuousness and style of the dance.  As she’s continued, she’s found herself a part of an amazing community of women who inspire her and keep her moving forward, encouraging performance and teaching opportunities, and slowly helping her out of her shell.  Today, she is honored to dance as part of the Foxglove Sweethearts with Jill, as well as with Danielle Lottridge in their duet project Two Winks.

Every Month:

Calamity Sam
(Creative Director)
Most known for her musicality and ability to connect with the audience, Calamity Sam is not afraid to ham it up and show her sense of humor on stage. She has been a featured performer and instructor in France, Holland, Spain, England, and across the U.S. Sam recently relocated to Oakland, CA where she dances with her Calamitous Collective and The Lady Fred’s Black Heart Ballads. She has also been recently certified in the Hot Pot Improvisational Tribal Style with Unmata in Sacramento.  Calamity Sam sees tribal fusion belly dance as the medium of the eclectic- stringing together the pieces of inspiration from all over the globe and mixing them up in her own way, while paying homage to the traditions of world dance.
(Producer & Promotions)
Tatyana fell in love with dance at the age of 5 in the Soviet Union, where she was introduced to Ballet and Ballroom. She has since found Jazz, Modern, and folk dancing, and of course, fusion belly dance. The fusion part includes all of the above at times. Her influences come from wonderful teachers and mentors, the poetry of genuine human experience, and the music itself. She has had the pleasure of performing with the Black Heart Ballads, The Americano Social Club dancers, The Shtetl Shakers, and of course, Calamity Sam. She is looking forward to collaborating with, and learning from, other dancers and artists in the future, and performing for you here at Taverna Nights!




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